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WhatsApp may ban your account , if you did these things

WhatsApp may ban your  account , if you did these things
WhatsApp may ban your  account , if you did these things

WhatsApp recently banned Telugu Desam Party’s Rajya Sabha MP CM Ramesh from its platform. The politician has claimed that he has not violated any of WhatsApp’s term and conditions. WhatsApp is yet to respond as to why his account was banned.
here is all reasons you need to know that may get you banned on WhatsApp

  1. If you creating a fake WhatsApp account of someone whatsApp may get you banned.
  2. If your messages promoting violent crimes whatsApp can get you banned.
  3. If you sand or create illegal, obscene, defamatory, libelous, harassing, or threat messages , WhatsApp will get you banned .
  4.  If you use WhatsApp to send viruses, worms, Torjan horses, scripts, malware, harmful compuer code files to other users, whatsapp may get you banned.
  5. If you sand malicious links(URL) to other users WhatsApp may get you banned.
  6. If WhatsApp receives a lot of user reports against you may get you banned.
  7. If you Use malicious third-party apps like WhatsApp Plus, whatsApp gold , GB whatsApp.
  8. If you get blocked by several other whatsApp  users may get you  banned.
  9. If you Send too many messages to author whatsApp  users who are not on your contact list may get you banned on WhatsApp,
  10. If you try to change or modify the core codding of whatsApp .
  11. If you not fulfill or violates WhatsApp terms and conditions 
  12. If you trying to hack it's servers or spying others WhatsApp get you banned
According WhatsApp it has banned 5 millions-plus accounts around the word in three months.Over 75% accounts banned without user report or complaint.

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